Sneak Peek: A + F's wedding pics!

On September 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending and shooting A+F's wedding, whose engagement pictures I shot earlier this year in March. It was such a great wedding, super fun and full of love - all the things weddings should be! 

I'm still working hard on editing the thousands of pictures I shot that day - but here's a few sneak preview pictures from the "getting ready" portion of the day!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed them.


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A+F Engagement Shoot, Part 2

So, I'm out here in Newfoundland, and I've been taking lots of amazing photos as I explore new territory... but I knew that before I started editing those, I needed to deliver on the last of the edits for A&F. So, I spent my downtime last night editing away, and came up with a fresh batch of photos of these amazing lovebirds!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I can't wait to shoot their wedding in September!

Happy Victoria Day! 

Wishing you love and light!  Please stop by my instagram for a new photo daily!

A+F Engagement Shoot

I can't believe it's been over a month now since I posted the sneak peek for A+F's engagement shoot! I meant to post these pictures way sooner, but life sorta sneaked up on me.  I still have a bunch of photos to edit from this series, and I know that A is anxious to see them... I promise, I will get to them soon! 

In the meantime... here is a selection of favourites from this shoot! I just love how you can see the love and happiness in their eyes. I can't wait to shoot this wedding in September!

This was just so much fun to shoot, and I feel truly blessed that they are including me in their big day! I love these two!

A+F engagement shoot : sneak peek!

I shot an awesome engagement session for a very dear friend of mine last night. The shoot took place in a crossfit gym, which is where the couple met, and means a lot to them.  It was also a super fun place for me to shoot and explore with the camera (and if I wasn't contending with a shoulder injury right now, I probably would have got them to teach me some tricks on the ropes, because that looked like lots of fun!)

The couple, of course, gets to see their photos first, before I share them... but I can't resist sharing this one gorgeous snap of the back of my camera.  

  Look at that stunning ring!