Like a photo? Prints are available!

So, up in the top menu bar of this site, you can click on the For Sale link to purchase a selection of my 5x7, limited edition, hand matted/numbered prints - but did you know that you can request virtually any of my photos as prints through my storefront on ImageKind

If there's ever any of my photos that you see on Instagram, here on this site, or on Facebook that you think would look great on one of your walls, all you have to do is shoot me a quick message or email and I would be happy to upload a high resolution photo to ImageKind.  Through that site, you can choose the size, the type of paper (or canvas), whether or not you want a frame added, etc.  It's fully customizable, to your own preferences! 

Photos are a great gift for the holidays - and through tonight, ImageKind is running a 50% off site-wide coupon code.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you'd like to request a print! 

Sneak Peek: A + F's wedding pics!

On September 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending and shooting A+F's wedding, whose engagement pictures I shot earlier this year in March. It was such a great wedding, super fun and full of love - all the things weddings should be! 

I'm still working hard on editing the thousands of pictures I shot that day - but here's a few sneak preview pictures from the "getting ready" portion of the day!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed them.


Don't forget - I currently have a contest running, and there's only two days left to enter! Try your luck.  Check this post for details.

Happy Canada Day!

On our nation's 149th birthday, I thought I'd commemorate with some of my photos that just speak "Canada" to me.  Happy Canada Day, everyone!

A+F Engagement Shoot, Part 2

So, I'm out here in Newfoundland, and I've been taking lots of amazing photos as I explore new territory... but I knew that before I started editing those, I needed to deliver on the last of the edits for A&F. So, I spent my downtime last night editing away, and came up with a fresh batch of photos of these amazing lovebirds!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I can't wait to shoot their wedding in September!

Happy Victoria Day! 

Wishing you love and light!  Please stop by my instagram for a new photo daily!

A+F Engagement Shoot

I can't believe it's been over a month now since I posted the sneak peek for A+F's engagement shoot! I meant to post these pictures way sooner, but life sorta sneaked up on me.  I still have a bunch of photos to edit from this series, and I know that A is anxious to see them... I promise, I will get to them soon! 

In the meantime... here is a selection of favourites from this shoot! I just love how you can see the love and happiness in their eyes. I can't wait to shoot this wedding in September!

This was just so much fun to shoot, and I feel truly blessed that they are including me in their big day! I love these two!

A+F engagement shoot : sneak peek!

I shot an awesome engagement session for a very dear friend of mine last night. The shoot took place in a crossfit gym, which is where the couple met, and means a lot to them.  It was also a super fun place for me to shoot and explore with the camera (and if I wasn't contending with a shoulder injury right now, I probably would have got them to teach me some tricks on the ropes, because that looked like lots of fun!)

The couple, of course, gets to see their photos first, before I share them... but I can't resist sharing this one gorgeous snap of the back of my camera.  

  Look at that stunning ring!


Happy Holidays!

I've been back from Newfoundland for less than a week, and that means it's Christmas on speed in my world.  The past week has been filled with visits with friends and family, shopping, checking out the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District, wrapping, crafting... and of course, putting up my tree!

I love my tree so much! Last year, I bought a white tree, and it suits my apartment and my personality perfectly.  Anyone else out there decorate using non-traditional colours? 


Photos shot with my 50mm prime lens & lensbaby


Beautiful Newfoundland

So, I'm here in Newfoundland for work, and as ever, it is stunningly beautiful. Oddly enough, I still haven't been out with my DSLR, I've just been so focussed on enjoying the moments this time around.  This past week has been one of the greatest weeks I've ever experienced, just everything and everyone being absolutely perfect.  And I've barely taken any pictures!  Just a few random iPhone shots to capture some of the moments.  

I shared some of my favourites over on Instagram... But here are some of the outtakes:

A cute little street on the way back from Cox's Cove

A cute little street on the way back from Cox's Cove

The full moon in all its stunning glory, at my home in Steady Brook, Newfoundland.

The full moon in all its stunning glory, at my home in Steady Brook, Newfoundland.

Twin iced green teas on a sushi date in Corner Brook

Twin iced green teas on a sushi date in Corner Brook

Me and a few of my coworkers on Halloween in Corner Brook

Me and a few of my coworkers on Halloween in Corner Brook

Hope you've enjoyed this random sneak peek into my life here in Newfoundland!  Just a heads up to anyone who is currently out here, I do have one of each of my prints here with me, so if you're interested in purchasing one, we can meet up and you'll save the price of shipping! 

Gettin' it done!

I've been steadily working away at building my dreams for this site.  I've ordered my first set of photo mats, backs and bags for shipping, as well as my first 25 photos.  Look for a special deal for my very first prints that I'll be offering for sale soon (hint - they'll be limited edition to celebrate the launch of this site, so if you miss them now, you'll miss them forever!)

I've also been working hard at editing some of my classic photos, getting them ready for viewing on this site, as well as on instagram.  Follow me at to catch them as they're uploaded.

More soon! Feel free to send suggestions of what you'd like to see around this place!