WElcome to Superflash.ca

Hi! I'm Katie.

I was born with the creative bug.  From the time I was a child, I would rarely be seen without some sort of creative tool - paper, scissors, glue, or, when I got a little bit older, a camera.  

As a child, I was the social documenter of my friend group.  As a teen, I was never without my camera when I went to concerts.  When I travel, my most important baggage is my camera and lenses.  

I work in the television industry, and my job has taken me to various locations throughout Canada.  I always bring my camera with me to document all the special places I see.  Photography is my passion, and I'm happy to share it with you!


Selected Credits: 

Gallery showings:
Bending Spoons Gallery - 3010 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON - January 30 - February 26, 2012
Places I've been published:
- Marie Claire Australia
- Access Magazine
- Chart Magazine (online)
- BlogTO
- sceneandheard.ca
- Tim Tibbitts cd cover
- Rue Morgue magazine (online - Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere photos)

Favourite Band Promo sessions: 
- Leviride (Toronto, ON)
- Afflatus (Toronto/Niagara Falls, ON)
- Culture of Greed (Tampa, FL)

Television Production stills:
- The Morning After Show (marblemedia)