Press for 'The Happy Break-up'

Here are some articles, interviews, and other fun places where The Happy Break-up has been featured!

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Three Ways To Grow After a Break-up

By Megan te Boekhorst for Gen Twenty

I was interviewed for this article over at Gen Twenty: The twenty-something's guide to life.


We all need support and love, especially after a break-up. Lean on your girl gang as you process your emotions and rediscover who you are. “These are the bonding moments that can last a lifetime,” said Cate. “Even when you’re clawing your way out of the deepest heartbreak, you’ll always remember the friend that came by with a pint of ice cream and a box of tissues.”
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A Publishing House Empowering Women

My publisher, Ky-Lee Hanson of Golden Brick Road Publishing House was featured in this blog post, and she had these sweet words to say about The Happy Break-up:

I am really loving “The Happy Break-up” by Cate Gennaro. Although I am in a very happy, long term relationship, I received a boost of confidence, a laugh, and relaxation from this book through spending time with her words and hand drawn art. My spouse said we did such a good job on this book and that it is a work of art; Which is a great response to get when you hand your spouse a break up book!
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Podcast - The Freedom Lifestyle with Sam Laliberte

I chatted with Sam about The Happy Break-up, about my career and all the transitional journeys I went through to get to where I am today, about mental health and female empowerment, and a whole lot more.


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