Peak time of year for break-ups

Ever since I dove headfirst into undertaking my masters program, while at the same time publishing a book, I’ve become a big researcher. So, as I began to think about The Happy Break-Up being published, I thought about what other topics are out there, about break-ups.

Guys. There is SO much out there.

Like, did you know that today, April 1, is one of the peak days for break-ups? Read on to find out why.

According to Facebook, the absolute most common day for a break-up is December 11.

Why December 11?

Well, there’s a few theories out there. It’s two weeks until Christmas – perhaps there’s a fear of introducing your partner to the family? Maybe you find yourself shopping for holiday gifts, and you realize that you don’t want to spend the holidays with this person at all. Holidays bring out a lot of stress in people – sometimes the relationship just can’t handle the stress, and it becomes a casualty of the moment.

Oddly (thankfully?) Christmas Day – December 25, is statistically the least likely day for couples to break up. So there’s something.

Other popular days and times for breakups are:

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Breaking up on the “most romantic” day of the year? Well, again, there is the stress of the holiday. Or sometimes, it’s a planned break. A partner decides that they want to get revenge, so they break up on a socially significant day.

Spring Break

So – I’ve been pretty active on twitter recently, and I befriended a few younger Tweeters. Recently, they showed me some posts that exposed exactly what happens in Miami on Spring Break. I must say, I’m pretty glad I had never seen that before now. My eyes are scarred. But it totally makes sense that couples might break up before Spring Break, especially if they’re planning a wild trip.

April Fool’s Day – April 1

My thoughts on this? April Fool’s is a day for pranks. Perhaps there’s a few people out there who decide to “prank” their partner, only it’s not so much a prank. Splitsville just in time for some good weather!


Finally, there’s a slight peak for breakups spread out throughout the summer months. Ahh summer – happy, free-loving spirits, wearing as minimal clothing as possible to cope with the summer heat. Wandering eyes might wonder what their missing, might be meeting new people at the beach or at a summer party, and might just be ready to cut themselves loose from the relationship ties. It makes sense.

What do you think about these statistics? Have you ever broken up with someone, or been broken up with on one of these days?

Leave me a comment and let me know!