Celebrate Your Accomplishments

A while back, on Facebook and Instagram, I shared a post that resonated with a lot of people - it simply said "Celebrate Your Success." In the comments of that post, so many people shared with me both big and small accomplishments that they had achieved.

It was such a nice post because not only did people share their own accomplishments - they also gave likes and hearts to others (total strangers) that posted accomplishments as well!

It's an extremely heartwarming feeling to grow a community, and a community grows through support. Today, I'd like to share a new printable with you all, to further that support! 

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

The full resolution printable is available in the freebies section of the website (get the password when you join the mailing list) as well as in the files section of The Happy Break-up Facebook Group. I hope that when you download and print the file, you'll be inspired to share your own accomplishments as well! 

This image can be used simply as inspiration - print and frame or add to a bulletin board or journal - or you can use it as you would use the pages of The Happy Break-up. Print it out, and write your own accomplishments right on the page. Use it to build confidence and always remember the great things you have achieved! 

I'll be sharing my own version in The Happy Break-up Facebook Group and I hope you'll join me there and share yours as well!