Hello World!

I always think it's best to start off a blog with an introduction... So, hi! Here I am! It's me! Cate!

If you've found your way here, I can only imagine that you're my friend or family member... but just in case you're not, this is me:


Look! It's me!

Things I do:

  • hand-letter
  • study (masters of counselling psychology)
  • write (for fun)
  • write (papers... for school)
  • meditate
  • recite positive affirmations
  • read

Things I love:

  • my family & friends
  • psychotherapy
  • music
  • Disney

Things I like:

  • pens & markers
  • washi tape
  • crafting
  • glitter
  • unicorns
  • the colour pink

Things I am:

  • happy
  • confident
  • complete