The Happy Break Up: Book Reviews

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The Happy Break-up book review by Lindy Lewis @ Banking From Breakup

The Happy Break-up book review by Lindy Lewis @ Banking From Breakup

The Happy Break-up Book Review by Nicole Lobo @ The Everyday Self

The Happy Break-up Book Review by Nicole Lobo @ The Everyday Self

the happy break-up is a game-changer @ banking from breakup


The Happy Breakup is the perfect book to assist you with finding your happy after a breakup. It will give you powerful, yet practical guidance to overcome the “heartache and tears” that often accompany a bad breakup. It will also help you to replace negative, self-sabotaging feelings with more powerful, positive, and uplifting ones. It will leave you feeling encouraged and hopeful. Change takes time. As long as you are willing to put in the work and go deep you will rediscover your happiness. 

The truth of the matter is that there is life after your breakup and Cate shows you how to take control of your happiness. You may be thinking that since your breakup your chances of happiness are over. That you'd never be happy again. But Cate has come through with the answer – The Happy Breakup.

What I absolutely love about The Happy Breakup is that it's part journal, part workbook and part adult coloring book. It is brilliant. The book is chock full of nuggets of wisdom. It truly puts a positive spin on an otherwise negative experience. Breakups are hard. But with the Happy Breakup they don’t have to be. Breakups just got a little bit easier.

The Happy Breakup is an answer to a prayer. It helps you build back your self-esteem and self-worth, boost your confidence, fall back in love with yourself and transform you into the person you are meant to be. You deserve to be happy.

The book includes amazing journal prompts, illustrations, inspirational quotes, coloring pages and activities to help you leave the baggage of your breakup behind and find your happy place again. The activities are simple, yet powerful and very affirming. You are so much stronger than you think. The Happy Breakup is a great reminder of this. You are in control of your happiness, not your breakup! You had a breakup, but you are not your breakup!


Book Review by Nicole Lobo @ The EveryDay Self


Her experiences with relationships, marriage, and divorce give an insightful and inspirational recount of how to come out of your relationship shortcomings both stronger and happier. When I first read her preface, I was drawn to her optimism and encouragement towards coping with her relationship woes and extending her knowledge to help others. As she mentions, "there will always be new challenges, new strategies, and new lessons to be learned" and I couldn't agree more! With every twist and turn in life, we part with some wisdom that we can use to guide others in reaching positivity and self-love after a breakup.

Unlike other traditional relationship books which centre around revenge or finding a new partner, Cate's book focuses on simply finding the one person who should matter the most after a breakup...YOU. Her focus is on finding your self-worth and self-esteem, both of which she mentions plummets at the end of a relationship. As I have discussed throughout various blog posts, self-care is at the epitome of importance in almost every aspect of life, and relationships are one of them. I love how she focuses on how to regain a sense of self when times are rough and how getting back on your feet is just part of the learning experience.


The Happy Break-Up Review by Judy Swallow

In my younger years I often found myself in the throes of heartbreak. This book would have been exactly what I would have needed and wanted. Now, this book is a lovely reminder of the wisdom and gifts that can be gained from loss.
- Judy Swallow, author of Inner Winner"


The happy Break-Up Review by Habiba Jessica Zaman

"This journal is a whimsical way of coping that offers wisdom and catharsis on challenging, but universal subjects. We process on a deeper level when we physically write out our thoughts, and this journal is a richer reward to artistic, creative journals beyond the aesthetic calm. The process of journaling can be a tool in navigating through our daily experiences, as well as a tool to support personal growth and achievement. One page contains a task to do some art work, the next one asks you to journal about what you have created. Unfolding clearly before you through this process are themes that once seemed ambivalent and just beyond your realm of understanding. Suddenly you understand what you need to change to learn to love yourself and to attract the kind of love you deserve. It is a wonderful interactive way to handle the most difficult part of a breakup which is the transition from what was and what is to come. I would absolutely recommend to the adolescent and young adults I work with in my private practice." 
- Habiba Jessica Zaman, Counsellor and author of Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You